31 Days of Pure Paleo

Dear Readers,

Last month I came across The Nester's website at thenester.com and signed up for the 31 day challenge.
I would like to apologize, but I did not complete the challenge. I recently found out that I have a Cervical Osteoarthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease, a Herniated Disc and Bone Spurs along my spine. 
I also struggle with clinical depression and lately it's been really difficult to stay stable. My medication just doesn't want to work any more. It's been really frustrating to say the least. 

That being said, I have not been in any shape to do much of anything. I have been resting and doing mild exercise such as walking slowly. I'm on several pain medications that do help, but not always. 

Hopefully I can get back to my blog soon!!!!


Pepper Culpepper

31 Days of Pure Paleo
on The Nesting Place
beginning October 1.

Each day will feature a new recipe by me as I follow the Paleo Path to weight loss. I will attempt to lose 20 pounds in 31 days.

Day 1: The weigh in.

Today I weighed in at 171 and my goal is 150, so I have 21 pounds to go! I did not cheat at all today, and I've got lots of photos to share with you guys in the morning!

Days 2-10

I apologize to my readers for being absent for the first 10 days. I learned that going cold turkey from all processed foods, dairy, sugar and flour is NOT a good idea. Take my advice and do this gradual. I can honestly say from experience that reducing your intake of wheat, flour and sugar should be done gradually- not cold turkey.

What I experienced:

Night Sweats
Severe Depression
Frequent Urination

I did manage to lose 5 pounds and I am feeling a little better. Beginning October 11th I will start posting recipes again.

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